Spurs Youth Basketball League

The Spurs Youth Basketball League (formerly the Spurs Drug-Free League) was founded in 1991 by Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and Kids Sports Network president/founder Frank Martin as a way of promoting recreational youth basketball in economically disadvantaged areas of San Antonio.  The Spurs Youth Basketball League is a recipient of President George H. W. Bush’s Point of Light Award for its innovative programming and anti-drug efforts.

Now in its 26th season, more than 350,000 children and coaches have benefited from the league. The league offers 10,000 young people from primarily lower income neighborhoods the opportunity to play basketball and improve their athletic skills while learning teamwork, cooperation and discipline in a positive and safe environment.

 The Spurs Youth Basketball League, presented by Pizza Hut, is funded by Silver & Black Give Back which underwrites the cost of player and coach jerseys, background checks, coach training and certification and marketing and administration.

 The Spurs Youth Basketball League strives to:

  • Support local and South Texas organizations’ basketball programs.
  • Provide a safe and positive environment for all participants.
  • Ensure that all coaches receive proper training that includes a segment on encouraging their players to have respect for all and to make positive choices.
  • Provide unique and one-of-a-kind experiences, such as special clinics hosted by Spurs players and coaches.

 Every participant in the Spurs Youth Basketball League recites the Drug Free Pledge before each game, demonstrating their commitment to the mission of the league.